The Big Diabetes Lie

For a period of around 100 years, medical professionals from different countries wanted to prove to the world population, that stopping a disease or reversing it without drugs or surgeries is possible. They therefore engaged in numerous studies and one of the results was The Big Diabetes Lie.

Diabetes is one of the metabolic illnesses that involve higher levels of blood sugar in the body in a long time span. The disease results from the failure of the pancreas to produce sufficient insulin or body cells failing to respond to the produced insulin. If the disease goes untreated for a long time, it can lead to many complications. Some of the most serious complications include foot ulcers, stroke, chronic kidney failure and eye damages. People living with the disease mostly wonder whether it will plague them in their entire life or not.

The Big Diabetes Lie EBook

The valuable program provides information on how big pharmaceutical companies around the world are misleading patients making them to belief that they require diabetes medicine in their entire lives. According to the author, you can easily manage diabetes by altering your diet. The author provides information about the factors that cause diabetes such as natural body PH and inflammation. The program is helping people in the world. To remain in control of your health, you need it!
About the eBook

The 540 pages long eBook has lots of information. It can be hard to read it within a single sitting, so you will take several days. You may also require bookmarking some or all the pages so that you can revisit the information from time to time.

The author offered a diabetes plan to assist people rid their bodies off the many toxins they have accumulated from eating many processed foods and carbs. He offered many meal plans that are easier to follow.

The book will provide you with an idea of the foods to eat and those to avoid. The author also provides guidance on selecting foods with low fat content and foods important for a healthy immune system. He has broken down the book into PDF document series that contains everything you may need to know about the disease.

In addition, The Big Diabetes Lie program contains many bonus documents they include:

Dangers of Microwave Radiation
The Miracle of Sleep EBook,
The Secrets of Antioxidants, and
Raw Live Food Recipes EBook

The additional eBooks offer information on how you can improve your overall body health. By following the information, you will feel younger, radiant, and youthful.

The major benefits of the program include:

Easier to follow recipes that will change your life

The eBook has a lot of valuable information that will offer impressive faster results; it’s over 500 pages long

You can purchase the program in eBook form or in hard copy. Hard copies are practical for people who have no access to a computer

Who is the author?

A team of doctors known as Council for Truth in Medicine led by Max Sidorov worked together to come up with the The Big Diabetes Lie. Max Sirov is a nutritionist, fitness trainer, entrepreneur, and author. He has worked in the health industry for over 10 years. To learn from health professionals such as doctors, scientists and nurses, Sirov had to travel to various parts of the world. He invested around 5 years of research to develop the program.