The Fat Burning Kitchen

Owing to the alarming rate of people being diagnosed with cancer, heart conditions and type 2 diabetes in the USA and all over the world, a scary trend to eat only healthy foods has risen over the past 10 years or so. Manufacturing companies have gone over and above to show that their products are the healthiest so they can stay competitive in such a demanding industry which has led to everything having a �healthy’ label.

Lies about Healthy Foods

1. Whole wheat products are healthy

It is hard to actually find real whole wheat products and if you do they are filled with sugar and chemicals to make them tastier.

2. Vegetable oils are healthy

3. While ideally sunflower, corn oil, canola and other vegetable oils could be healthy, the refining process ensures the only thing left in this oil is Trans fats and mega fats.

4. Skimmed milk and egg whites are healthier than whole milk and eggs

These two natural products are meant to be consumed whole and when you remove something out of them or process, they actually lose the healthy contents.

5. Dieting will help you lose weight

Dieting decreases the abilities of the main fat-burning hormone so if you lose weight this way, it is more likely to come back even worse.

6. Healthy foods are not delicious

Just because something is healthy doesn’t mean it has to taste bad. Counting calories and working extra hard will help you maintain good weight and health.

The Good News

After so many lies and confusion about what is healthy and what is not, one might be tempted to just give up on this healthy trend. Fortunately, you don’t have to just yet; The Fat Burning Kitchen is here to separate lies from truths for you and lead you to a road of health, happiness and lasting youthfulness.

The Fat Burning Kitchen is a book written by Mike Gerry after seeing how miserable people have become trying to figure out what is good for them and how business people are out there are taking advantage of that. This tool will help you to;

· Never count calories

· Lose those stubborn fats permanently

· Look and feel younger and energetic all the time.

· Balance your body’s own hormones

· Sleep better

· Boost your metabolism

· Stay free of cancer, diabetes, heart conditions, high cholesterol and stroke.

· Have a lean and beautiful body

· Improve your sex life

The Fat Burning Kitchen will also help you to know how to;

· Control your appetite and cravings

· Balance omega 3’s and 6 in your body

· Eat delicious foods and still stay healthy

· Get the right animal fat to build your muscles and burn fat

· Choose the right veggies and fruits

· Choose the right sweeteners for your drinks and pastries

How is The Fat Burning Kitchen Different from other programs?

Besides the fact that Mike and Catherine have put all their nutrition knowledge in this book in a simple and easy to read manner, you will also get to know the good foods you have been avoiding such as dark chocolate, animal fat, eggs, and cheese and animal proteins. It demystifies all myths and helps you choose the right healthy foods without becoming obsessed with reading labels and punishing your taste buds.