Eat Stop Eat


Every year, people across the world spend over $15 billion, on weight loss programs, products and exercise machines. Unfortunately, very few benefit from such efforts. Most of the money ends up with business people and marketers. Most people have come to understand that weight loss is not as easy as marketers make it appear. The good news is that there is a revolutionary approach for promoting weight loss, without spending countless hours in the gym and skipping your favorite meals. That method is Eat Stop Eat.

What is Eat Stop Eat?

This is a diet and nutrition manual that seeks to dismiss some of the myths associated with fasting. It demonstrates and proves that incorporating periods of fasting into a healthy diet can lead to significant weight loss in a healthy manner. It is centered on fasting for 24 hours, at least once or twice per week. It resembles the 5:2 diet, another popular weight loss program. At the end, there is a calorific deficit which leads to a streamlined figure.

About the Program

Eat Stop Eat is designed to help people achieve their weight loss safely, quickly and in a healthy manner, regardless of their age, location or gender. What makes it popular is its flexibility and effectiveness. There are similar programs on the market that promise to produce results similar to Eat Stop Eat. However, none can even come close to it. The benefit of this program is that everything is under your control. You choose the fasting times all by your own. Although it is only 91 pages, Brad Pilon, a weight loss guru and the developer of the program explains that fasting occasionally decreases insulin levels while increasing insulin activity.

What Makes Eat Stop Eat So Special?

Brad Pilon, the weight loss guru himself developed this program after thorough and extensive research. He is widely travelled, observing diets of tribes people and athletes, as well as going back to the eating habits of our ancestors. What else would you expect from an individual who possesses a BSc, in nutrition, a manufacturer of diet products, and a fitness coach? The result is a highly relevant fitness program, which can be used by everyone to achieve their health and fitness goals.

The Eat Stop Eat is an effective and successful diet plan which has helped thousands of people across the world to cut down unnecessary weight and to maintain that physique. In short, this program is tried and tested, producing incredible and remarkable results. Therefore, as long as you put the effort in, you will definitely succeed. It is that simple.

Additionally, this diet is not restrictive. You don’t have to avoid going for dinner with family and friends and try to give excuses. No. That is not necessary. Its intrinsic flexibility gives you the freedom of planning the days and nights that you wish to fast. Just eat what you love, fast for 2 days, then resume with your delicious meals.

This diet plan saves you money. You do not have to buy expensive supplements. Apart from that, you no longer have to buy pills, tablets or other medication just to lose weight. In fact, it will save you on groceries, during the fasting days.


If you are serious about complete life transformation, attaining the physique of your dreams as well as losing weight effortlessly, then you just need the Eat Stop Eat diet program. It saves you money and time, and provides a healthy, fast and safe means of losing weight.

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