MI40X Workout

Everyone desires to be lean, muscular, and sexy. Therefore, they will look for the best way to lose fat and build more muscles. Some will say that they can gain that easily in the gym while others will concentrate on food choices. Surely, you already know the importance of workouts in getting optimally health. The Mi40X CEP is among the effective workouts programs that will help you build more muscles and burn more fat. Ben Pakulski, the creator of the program, based the muscle-building program on a scientific study which provided a documentation of how guinea pigs obtained great increases in strength, muscle mass and reduced fat tissue.

What is MI40X Workout?

MI40X Workout plan is a secret muscle building technique, which the author based on Cell Expansion Protocol (CEP). The workout works by expanding each cell in the body muscles without tearing down any muscle fiber. Imagine every muscle cell as a large balloon. The balloon will expand each time you train but deflate very quickly – because the pump will go away. However, CEP encourages more muscle cells to take part in the muscle lifting process and because of the expansion, the person working out gains larger, and longer-term muscle.
Every person has preset number of nuclei within his/her body cells that prevents expansion of cells under the normal standard stimulation. To increase the nuclei amount, the person exercising has to apply a particular stress. After the specific and appropriate stimuli application to the muscles, the body starts producing myo-satellite cells with an aim of repairing the damaged muscles. That leads to rapid and constant
growth in muscles.
Satellite cells are specific muscle helper cells and only kick down when muscles are highly stressed beyond the traditional weight training regular failure. Pakulski compares the effect to the pumping of body muscles and constant growth. The growth continues during rests – the muscles are not gorged temporarily.

The main benefits of the program

Allows you to spend lesser time in the gym
You will have more time to recover
You will build more muscles within a short time
Anyone can benefit from the program

How the workout works

The program requires the muscle builder to engage in a specific type of hard-core training that should help him/her to gain stress within the shortest time possible. Allegedly, that leads to the muscle growth.

The high intensity technique involves extending your regular set into several minutes excruciating struggle against pain and fatigue by adding static stretching postures. Meanwhile, you should keep hold of the weight and contract the antagonist muscle – you shouldn’t drop it or rest normally.

After a number of seconds, which feels like very long, you should drop the start-up weight while still in the stretched position, take a lighter one and repeat the entire process. You should drop the weight again and repeat the process for another several minutes.
The program is a kind of a drop set with added isometric static holds in between intra-set stretching and drops. It is very taxing and you only need to do it once.

Who is the author of this program?

Ben Pakulski, creator of the MI40X, is a successful bodybuilding champion with a more engaging and motivational style. He takes pleasure in helping men and women from different lifestyles burn fat, build muscles and rearrange the composition of their bodies drastically.
It is now time to start building leaner muscles. With the effective straightforward MI40X Workout program, you will attain a sexier figure. It is competitively priced

Disclaimer: You should not use this information as a substitute for help from a licensed professional. Individual results may vary./Individual Results May Vary